Join the metaverse with the dopest collectables in the game

Partnering with top talent to produce NFT Collections

Syber Tokens is a production studio, specializing in creating digital tokens.

Welcome to the Creator's Economy.

Web3 is a paradigm shift, encouraging collaboration, and freedom to create and interact. The technology that makes all of this possible is blockchain. Leave the tech to us, through collaboration and education, we’ll produce metaverse collectibles (NFTs) for the world to enjoy. Aside from this, we may pack extra utility as incentives and benefits for collectors to hold onto our tokens.

Let's Build Together.

You bring the art, we'll bring the tech.


Let's curate our collection towards our communities. We will find ways to push new boundaries, and produce metaverse products for your audience.


Collaborative process where art meets tech, putting our brains together to produce valuable products & collectibles.


After education and brainstorming, we will develop a fun and novel way to rollout our collectibles for everyone to enjoy.

Want to learn more?

drop us a line & We'll be in touch.